Sunday, October 14, 2007

Roasted pumpkin, goat's cheese and pine nut salad

So it seems I've joined the ranks of recipe and menu writers who insist on putting the name of every ingredient in a dish in its title... but I can't help it when this dish only has three ingredients. And Pumpkin Salad just doesn't sound very appetising.
This one's a winner at every barbecue we take it to and has given us the (apparently easily attained) reputation as gourmets. It can be varied easily too, by adding a different nut, or a creamy fetta instead of the goat's cheese, or roasting some slices of red onion with the pumpkin and adding them too. But I'll let you do the getting carried away, here's the basic recipe.

1 butternut pumpkin, cut in cubes, roasted
250g soft goat's cheese, in oil if possible
100g, pine nuts, lightly toasted

Combine all ingredients. Season and sprinkle liberally with parsley. Serve, drizzling with a little of the goat's cheese oil if you have it.

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